Robyn has been fascinated with pretty things since she can remember and always tried to create beauty with a touch of romance and whimsy from a young age.  Her career in jewelry design began in 2010, initially by repurposing vintage jewels found at flea markets mixed with pearls and gemstones. A few years ago, Robyn switched gears to create the more streamlined, contemporary earrings you see today. She currently has retail accounts in over 75 stores nationwide and in Canada.

Her favorite part of the making process is to design new styles by laying out various components in her arsenal and offering fresh ideas on a regular basis. Robyn has developed her own enameling process to bring a unique color palette to many of her brass elements, and personally enamels, patinates and hand brushes each piece from her home studio in the California Bay Area to ensure quality and consistency.

With every design, Robyn strives to bring you jewelry that is truly fun, sophisticated and accessible. Her number one goal is to make people feel special when they wear a piece she's created.

You may contact Robyn directly at pearlandivy1@gmail.com